Saturday, June 4, 2016

Art of Silence

Do you see me,
when I see you 
smile and tilt your head to the sky 
echanting me, enclosing my mind
I saw you first
and looked away
I'm yours.
A glow
runs from your hair to your feet,
you're harmonizing,
butterfly rebellions swaying in my stomach
The art of silence
when I don't know what to say
Do you see me?

Everytime you pass by,
you lock me into your eyes
Nice to meet you,
next time I'll say it for real
I looked away
See you soon, you don't notice
I'm yours.
 // thoughts of  an enarmored //

Yes, although this time styling and story are not realted to each other, I was inspired by a little love story, so I wrote a song // poem? // something.
Stories start way back even before the first conversation. Hope you enjoyed!

How did your love stories start? I'd be really interested in reading, if you want to share.

Have a lovely weekend


  1. I was the one who first saw him at the jeep stop at their place and I thought he was older than me. I just noticed him because he was wearing our school shirt. I was just new here in Bataan so it never strike me that we're just in the same year. I told my mom, "Look, a Letranite." Although, he wasn't able to ride the jeep but I was in total shocked that he was already at the terminal while my mom and I just arrived. He was with his mom too since it was the second day of Binyag Arriba, an event for welcoming freshmen and transferees at school. On the second day of school, I was totally surprised that we're in the same service. Maybe that's when he first saw me. I'm not really sure though. I'd love to share all of it here but it will make this comment very long. Hahaha! :)

    I love the poem, btw! :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

  2. If there was a great love story I would share but there honestly isn't, I'm currently enjoying the single life. You're right, though, stories always start before the first communication as it's mostly the non-verbal communication that makes us take the first step. Sometimes I am too shy to take this step though and I wish that was different, I want to seize the day instead of hold myself back. xx