Saturday, June 4, 2016

Art of Silence

Do you see me,
when I see you 
smile and tilt your head to the sky 
echanting me, enclosing my mind
I saw you first
and looked away
I'm yours.
A glow
runs from your hair to your feet,
you're harmonizing,
butterfly rebellions swaying in my stomach
The art of silence
when I don't know what to say
Do you see me?

Everytime you pass by,
you lock me into your eyes
Nice to meet you,
next time I'll say it for real
I looked away
See you soon, you don't notice
I'm yours.
 // thoughts of  an enarmored //

Yes, although this time styling and story are not realted to each other, I was inspired by a little love story, so I wrote a song // poem? // something.
Stories start way back even before the first conversation. Hope you enjoyed!

How did your love stories start? I'd be really interested in reading, if you want to share.

Have a lovely weekend