Monday, May 16, 2016

Rusty minds and illusory vibes: Styling Stories

How she feels? - Restless.
 All those times, staying still,
stuck in the rusty cages.
What she seeks?  

She has the world right in front of her.
Drowning waters, endless deserts, city lights.
She's high, high on life,
golden air, glooming sky.

Days linked seamlessly,
all those times she's content.
She thinks so.
Stuck inside her rusty mind.

Dress - Free People     Rings - Brandy Melville, Flea Market     Gladiators - Coolway

She didn't realize how much she missed
the grassy freshness and nature's gifts
Can't remember the last time
she heard nothing but the river sound.

I was always wondering how humans can do the same thing every day. Get up, making breakfast, go to school, go to work, be home at 5. Meet friends, go out, have a social life, adapting to the self-destructive claws of society's routine. Blending in, "living" your life.

How can someone not become crazy? Big dreams become fanatasies, fantsies become...well, they are just ideas, thoughts. Thoughts can't be erased, can't be tracked, they stay as long as one lives.

But what exactly does it mean to be living?

Living for the weekends, where you actually have time to do stuff you want to do?
Making money? Social approval? Finding happiness?
How do you find happiness when you realize that everything you do will fade anyway? The things you create, the things you write & say?

Becoming too accustomed to smooth routines makes you rusty.
No matter, what happens, never lose the sight of what you love.
Easy-peasy, ha!

What makes you jump out of the bed everyday?

Let's conquer the week!



  1. Another reason inspiring post, I loved reading this! I sometimes get stuck in a rut and my mind gets rusty just like you said - but then I am also craving stability. It is like two opposites pulling at me sometimes. And yes I also don't get how people can only live for the weekend - " people are waiting all week for the weekend. All year for summer. And all life for happiness. " I think it's important to find happiness in every single day and to live a life that gives us the chance to express ourselves. Things that make me jump out of bed are the thought of going for a run at the beach and the frankly the prospect if breakfast haha. xx

    1. Very well said Mira, constantly waiting is like making excuses for not making it. How nice you have a beach you can run at! Must be beautiful in France! :)

  2. Gorgeously photographs, Enti, and I love the subject matter you have written on. I feel the same way about routine; it's boring, it's insanity-inducing, it's terrible, but it's something I conform to anyway, because I know that my current routine is the road that leads to my ultimate dreams and goals, which would consequently break the current routine.

    Things that make me get up in the morning is definitely motivation, boyfriend (yes, I'm that kind of a girl) and the prospect of learning new things.


    1. Thank you May! Guess there's a reason why humans are called creatures of habits, knowing what you want helps to find value behind all your routines.
      I'm happy you have your set of precious things that makes you run the day :)

  3. These are such gorgeous pictures!! And beautiful words. For me? I'd just say things to look forward to, going out and doing stuff and having days where I'm not in some kind of pain, and can actually go out and do said things.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  4. What stunning photos and lovely words - so in love with the boho vibes from this post.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  5. Love yours photos & words, Enting. I recently moved from metropolitan to a countryside and the difference between lifestyles of these two places are incredible. I am going to get back to the city soon, but leaving all the lush greenery behind seems surreal now. The typical city life awaits ahead that won't be much different. But once you've experienced the serenity outside of the city, I am sure it will be magnetic. Or I just hope so.

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Noor, I wish you all the luck in finding your way in the city again! I can imagine what a rush of a transition it must be of going back to you 'roots'. City life somehow just draws one in and without realizing it you're fully a part of it.


  6. I can't get over how romantic these photos are; I love the boho and dreamy vibe you're giving off. And for me, what keeps me going every single day is reminding myself to always go outside of my comfort zone every chance I get. To take risks and dare to do something different. :)


    1. Thanks Jen! :) I agree, taking risks also give life more spice!