Saturday, May 28, 2016

About Runaways

Free as a bird,
it's the next best thing to be.
Free as a bird.
Have you ever had the urge to just escape? To just be like the bird from that Beatles Song? Somehow, these lines kept on swaying around in my head.
Hardships, disappointments and struggles come and go in life, so do peoples' feelings become immune, numb.
Do what you want, create what you want - a privilege that is limited in this world.
The envy for other privileges, aesthetics, materials and dreams all those desires we wish to fulfill us flow into a swirl of nothingness.

How tempting can be the thought of just being a bird, flying through the nightsky and escaping all the shit of reality that somehow seems to go wrong every single day.

The countless times of wishing to not be stuck at that road of life, being somewhere, somebody else in the end always lead me to thank the Almighty to have given me the energy of moving on.
Why would you want to be a bird if you can be someone significant? Dream, but don't dream yourself away. Make, create, perfect. Keep your eyes on the things that give you energy and take the responsibility. Breakthrough the uncomfort. Don't escape till it's too late. Don't procastinate too much.

I think these reminders are important from time to time, when to do lists, thoughts and impressions become accumulated to the point one just wants to wipe everything from the table. No matter how to look at it, the only one who can sort through all of that is oneself.

With that said,
Happy Saturday!


  1. I think the problem when people say that they're stuck in a situation and couldn't move forward is that they couldn't leave it in the first place. I hope all people would make the most of every situation they're in to get rid of being stuck in the past or any thing to let us be like birds, free on going places and soaring high. :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. Cheers to finding the brightness in future!

  2. That is a really beautiful and thought-provoking post! I sometimes feel like leaving it all behind and just start over again but then I think it's important to focus on the good, we often only see what we don't like about our lives and take the good for granted. And I have already 'escaped' for a few times by going travelling so I know it really isn't the place or just the situation, is it what we make of it. If we can change something we are unhappy about we should do it and break through the uncomfort, just like you said. xx

    1. Totally agree! Somehow we are sometimes stuck in our structures, to the extent that our perspective is limited as well.
      Travelling in my mind does break that structure, although it might be just temporary.