Saturday, May 28, 2016

About Runaways

Free as a bird,
it's the next best thing to be.
Free as a bird.
Have you ever had the urge to just escape? To just be like the bird from that Beatles Song? Somehow, these lines kept on swaying around in my head.
Hardships, disappointments and struggles come and go in life, so do peoples' feelings become immune, numb.
Do what you want, create what you want - a privilege that is limited in this world.
The envy for other privileges, aesthetics, materials and dreams all those desires we wish to fulfill us flow into a swirl of nothingness.

How tempting can be the thought of just being a bird, flying through the nightsky and escaping all the shit of reality that somehow seems to go wrong every single day.

The countless times of wishing to not be stuck at that road of life, being somewhere, somebody else in the end always lead me to thank the Almighty to have given me the energy of moving on.
Why would you want to be a bird if you can be someone significant? Dream, but don't dream yourself away. Make, create, perfect. Keep your eyes on the things that give you energy and take the responsibility. Breakthrough the uncomfort. Don't escape till it's too late. Don't procastinate too much.

I think these reminders are important from time to time, when to do lists, thoughts and impressions become accumulated to the point one just wants to wipe everything from the table. No matter how to look at it, the only one who can sort through all of that is oneself.

With that said,
Happy Saturday!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Rusty minds and illusory vibes: Styling Stories

How she feels? - Restless.
 All those times, staying still,
stuck in the rusty cages.
What she seeks?  

She has the world right in front of her.
Drowning waters, endless deserts, city lights.
She's high, high on life,
golden air, glooming sky.

Days linked seamlessly,
all those times she's content.
She thinks so.
Stuck inside her rusty mind.

Dress - Free People     Rings - Brandy Melville, Flea Market     Gladiators - Coolway

She didn't realize how much she missed
the grassy freshness and nature's gifts
Can't remember the last time
she heard nothing but the river sound.

I was always wondering how humans can do the same thing every day. Get up, making breakfast, go to school, go to work, be home at 5. Meet friends, go out, have a social life, adapting to the self-destructive claws of society's routine. Blending in, "living" your life.

How can someone not become crazy? Big dreams become fanatasies, fantsies become...well, they are just ideas, thoughts. Thoughts can't be erased, can't be tracked, they stay as long as one lives.

But what exactly does it mean to be living?

Living for the weekends, where you actually have time to do stuff you want to do?
Making money? Social approval? Finding happiness?
How do you find happiness when you realize that everything you do will fade anyway? The things you create, the things you write & say?

Becoming too accustomed to smooth routines makes you rusty.
No matter, what happens, never lose the sight of what you love.
Easy-peasy, ha!

What makes you jump out of the bed everyday?

Let's conquer the week!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Monthly breather: 5 things

While quite some time has passed, I apologize for my absence due to some personal stuff going on, I am not able to fully coordinate my time. Nevertheless, this state is soon going to end. That's a promise I make for this blog space as well as for myself.

So my friend, why not take a step back and think about the question "What have you learned from spring time?". 
I'd love to read some creative answers, here are mine listed in a length of 5 lessons I learned in April spring:

1. April is a beast.
If the weather forecast tells you it is going to rain, don't bother to take your umbrella with you, the crashing wind is only going to ruin it. Instead, enjoy the smell of rain on dry concrete and the fresh water drops cooling the humid air.

2. When you go to a concert, choose one that is open air.
Sunset Sons were in town last month and it was rad. But what was not rad was the hot stickiness in the overheated concert hall.

3. The bicycle wins!
Ditching the car and get on the bike instead was the best decision.

4. Sunlight is energy.
On sunny days I received a lot more smiles.

5. Always have a tissue with you.
Although I love spring, this is the season of pollen flying around in the air and a runny nose is always uncomfortable.

What was your favorite spring moment?

Have a nice Thursday!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Styling Stories: Sunset Child

What is your first memory?
An endless chain of firsts is what we encounter everyday, but the very first is what will be lost forever once forgotten.
Time is fleeting, yesterday is replaced by today. The future will be the present.

I am an April child.
With dawn comes the sun and a storm of changes.
I close my eyes.
The first time I open them I see the trees resisting the mighty claws of the wind.
I close my eyes.
The hard splashes of the rain are dripping on my skin, but when I open my eyes all that is left is the glistering surface of the rough river stones.
I close my eyes.
When I open them I see the last clouds dancing in the fire of the sunset.
I am standing still.
The sunset is an ever changing constant of each day. The time of reflection and mindfulness.
With that I close my eyes.

Skater Coat - Asos    Sweater Dress - F21   Knee Highs - Asos    Coin Necklace - Pull&Bear    
It's been a full week of a full to do list, that seems to be never ending and never to be ended.
Weekend has just been a good time to recharge again. I sometimes would love to be able to control the duration of time.
So many moments I wish to pass by, others I want to be everlasting. With that rush it's easy to forget the significant memories. This is why I love the sunset, it marks the end of the day and sums up every precious experience.

What time of the day do you like the most?

Happy First of May!