Thursday, April 21, 2016

Styling Stories: Roses and Denim

Who are we?
We define us by colour, physique, abilities.
We are artists, thinkers, belivers, expressionists, each of us.
Young, curious, wise, experienced. Human.
I found my center.

I am me and myself.

The denim is rough from the adventures,
on the contrary are the fully bloomed roses swifting with the flowiness of the skirt,
their velvety surface repel the sturdy fibres of the jacket,
but the contradictional differences are all characteristic. Me.

 We are like little roses in a big shrub - each flower blooming with beauty,
seemingly the same on the exterior.
But every blossom, every swirl is different. Same nature, but never alike.
This is truly uniqueness.



Sending some positive vibes in the middle of the week.
Today was one of those sunny days where the sky was so blue and deep like an endless ocean without any cloudy waves that could disturb the sight. All I wanted to do was to sit there and feel the warmth on the sunlight behind my closed eyes for an eternity of five minutes. But of course, nothing lasts forever.
I am really looking forward to recharge my sleeping levels this weekend.

What are you the most excited for this week?
Weekend is almost here, hang on !


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the flowers in the background and how they tie in with your outfit. This weekend I'm most excited for the party I'm attending on Saturday :)

    Kathlyn |

  2. I love your outfit and style. A hat is always a great accessory. I love your poetic writing too x

    1. Great we share the love for hats. Thank you!!

  3. Another amazing post, you're absolutely right: we define ourselves by using labels, we put ourselves into categories but in the end, we are just who we are, our own unique self. I also love your outfit, the hat and the skirt are stunning. This week I'm most excited for travelling to Narbonne on Wednesday. :) xx

    1. Thank you Mira! I really hope you enjoyed your trip to Narbonne!

  4. I love this post and I enjoyed your photos too!

    Jameela |

  5. What a beautiful piece of writing! Love ur outfit and the pictures!