Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Styling stories: Flowers and lights

When the days are cold,
a stern fist of ice seems to get a hold around her heart.
Her loneliness and her weaknesses are a burden,
it clenches her mind so hard that there's no room left for anything else.
She is a prisoner inside her own prison, built of her own voice and on bittercold days she seems too weak and the weight too heavy to fight.

But she is a child of the light, of the sun,
streaks of light illuminate her vision,
suddenly flood the room and warm her from inside.
It's too cold for the flowers to bloom - she thinks.
But really, it won't be like this for too long.
Her energy reawakens with every moment, the light touches her.
Soon the flowers will bloom - she knows.

Indian Summer Embroidered Sweater - Asos        Maxi Skirt - Brandy Melville      Hat - Market

Yet another styling story.. I really enjoy the process of writing these. With this one I wanted to express my feelings about past winter, I'm so looking forward for days filled with more sunlight!
Maxi skirts are great, even when it's not warm outside. And as a hater of pants (my favourite one just passed away), these win in comfort billion times!
I like, how the industrial feeling of the heaters, the little cracks in the wall display the coldness in the mind, something old, rusty, but still ongoing.

Everytime my insercurities are almost getting ahead of me, I try to think "outside the box". The doubts of the moment are often only little tiny stones on a long journey. Insignificant. But when you spend too much time on doing something - you think too much about it. That's what sometimes drives me crazy, but when I rethink about it some months later, all I can do is laugh about it. Good times will come. YOU will bloom.

How do you shake off your winter blues?

Have a lovely rest of the week!



  1. I love your words and the outfit you're wearing, the maxi skirt looks great on you. I'm also looking forward to warmer days that are full of sunshine, it's been cold for too long. On you're right, things often look worse than they actually are - that's what I try to tell myself every time, that when I'll look back at these things in a few months they will seem insignificant. x


    1. Thank you, Mira!! In most cases, time really heals wounds.

      Love, xx

  2. Fortunately, things are starting to bloom around here. I love this outfit - I was wearing something similar to it the other day! I have a love/hate relationship with pants. I'll wear only jeans for weeks at a time, then only skirts and dresses. I hope your spring comes soon!


    1. Thank you ! Haha I only like wearing pants when they are super comfy,which in most cases mean pyjama pants or joggers ;) but there are times when you can't beat the classic pair of jeans!

  3. Maxi skirts normally stay in my closet until spring starts to set in again, but that's because winters in Boston are absolutely brutal. You look great though and I can see why you keep wearing them!

    Via Sora

    1. Oh yes, I heard of Boston winters, hope you'll have warm days very soon! Thank you! xx