Sunday, March 6, 2016

Musings for the wandering

Her heart is aching and her mind is fleeting,
what she needs in that moment are only her senses.
She finds peace when she sees the wide field of golden treasure,
it's like flying, when she runs through the high haulms.

It's almost as if reality escapes, but only almost.
With her feet on the solid earth, she smells the fresh watery air,
eyes closed she can hear the shuddering of the waves,
while the crops tickle her fingers as she runs them over the delicate plants.

The feeling of freedom runs through her and she reaches out her hands,
puts her head back, facing the cloudy sky and smiles
and she has everything she needs in that moment,
so happy that she could cry with absolutely nothing disturbing this beauty of natural silence.

 Poncho - Stitch & Pieces  Leggings - Asos   Boots - Coolway   Scarf- Esprit   Hat -Market

Rain, rain, rain, rain aaaand...... RAIN!! It's been like this all week and I yearning for every single little sunray that peeks through the cloudiness over the city and brings a streak of light. Nevertheless, shooting outside with that weather had its benefits as well and running through the cornfield while little waterdrops cool the skin is suddenly not that bad. I discovered that ponchos and capes are still pretty waring despite their airiness. And a good shield for 30 seconds from the rain.
The little story above was a little expression of the feeling to be lost but secure at the same time. Nature has so much to offer for us.

How was your weekend?

Happy Sunday! xx


  1. i love the vibe of these photos, so cool!

    danielle | avec danielle / giveaway

  2. This is so beautifully written! And the photos attached are so romantic. Love how you edited this :) x Alona

    1. Thank you!! Really appreciate you like it! xx

  3. The story you have written is truly beautiful, you're a very talented writer. I also find peace when I'm surrounded by nature, especially when I'm near the sea, it has a really calming effect on me and like you said, it makes me feel liberated. Like I could achieve anything. Beautiful pictures btw, I love your poncho! xx

    1. Thank you very much !! I'm happy to hear that from you since I like to read about your thoughts :) definetey, the sound of the waves literally carries one away!

  4. Love the story you write, it fits perfectly with the amazing photos!! Seriously, and the outfit is lovely too, I've got to get myself a poncho like that too *_* Here the outside looks sunny and warm and spring-ish, but one step outside and you feel the harsh wind and cold =_= Please spring, come soon!

    memoleaf - blog

    1. Aww thank you !! I totally feel you, our weather has been shifitng so much and it's freezing now again...but at least we get to see the sun :) Love xx

  5. Love the images <3 The poncho looks so comfy, especially during the rainy weather.

    1. Cozy for sure, its nice to just throw the poncho ober and ne ready to go :) thank you, have nice day! xx

  6. I love these pictures! Absolutely gorgeous. And the poncho is amazing too. Lovely look!