Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Monthly breather: Feburary

Starting with this monthly breather post, I want to take this moment and let the past month replay once again in my head. The purpose of this "series" or how one might call it is to appreciate the good, become more mindful and open towards everything that happens, no matter how painful or beautiful the memory was. We'll see how this goes.
Maybe it may inspire you to let the past month sink in and think about it's significance. Just making you rethink alone means I've accomplished something.

I've always ditched those beauty favourites on Youtube, it was always boring for me to see the same products of this face wash or that hand lotion.. but I find the idea of going through the actual highs and lows of emotions rather interesting.

The good times: So, of course with Chinese New Years I was pretty pumped at the beginning of the month. It was a special experience for me to actually celebrate New Years with all of my family, as living so far away on another continent makes it hard to even see each other once a year. On top of that I was able to reconnect with my beloved cousin on a little trip to Gulangyu Island and I'm so thankful that the two of us now share this sisterly experience and enjoy each others silliness.

On the last day we went on the highest peak of the island, where you could actually see Taiwan and it started to rain heavily really surprisingly. If the sky is crying when it rains, the sky had to be heartbroken that day. Good luck we didn't bring an umbrella and there was nowhere to hide from the raindrops (more like a waterfall), so we just stayed by ourselves under the wide heavy  sky and got soaked, while all the other people decided to leave the rock as quickly as they could.
 As soon as I got home, I got sick. BUT I won't forget that experience haha.I guess that's something I really appreciate about family, no matter how much time passed, you'll always reconnect.

 Hardest times: Ironically, the hardest time was also the most relieving one: saying goodbye to my friends and family again. Hard, because I had no idea what will expect me when I return, the thought of Uni and missing everything haunted me, good times coming to an end and a farewells where I don't know when the next "Hey, so good to see you again" will be. Relieving because I added so many precious memories to my suitcase that will nourish me in the upcoming season. And because I'm getting back to the place I can truly call my own home.

Rant: On my flight back to Europe an older white couple called me out for being one of those many silly Asians, only based on my looks and the fact that I was standing up to put my backpack in the luggage cabin.  So I told them in their language that they are keeping the people in the plane from sleeping. Some people are really just too full of themselves.

Inspirations: - The 1975, I somehow always got back to their music, I really liked "The Sound" this month.
- Meeting many different people, each one with their own uniqueness
- Being surprised by the love that my family brings towards me when unexpected
- Nature and it's beauty, especially on the island. It was a pleasure to capture so many stunning florals and greens.

All in all it turned out to be quite a good month, better than expected. Now I'm curious what the upcoming time has to offer for me. Also, I do have some more spicy content on this space planned to come.

So, taking this breather, how did Feburary pass for you?

Love, xx

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