Thursday, March 31, 2016

Styling Stories: Cherry Blossoms and Sunlight Dwellings

Nature reawakens,
that she could sense the moment she set her foot on the slightly dewy field.
She took a deep breath, it was too cool to really heat her up,
but the freshness of the earthy air was fueling her with energy and warming her mind and soul.

Days filled with rain were still not rare,
but during the month of March even the rain changed,
with each drop seeping into the earth, roots would recharge,
it was as if she could feel the environment around her growing.

With days getting longer, warmness comes with more sun exposure,
she could only wanted to envelope herself into the untouchable blanket of  light.
It was as if the little streaks were dancing on her cheeks,
this is truly the first day of spring.

Cherry blossoms were already showing their heads,
she could only imagine the extent of their beauties, when fully bloomed.
In her fascination, nothing could really disturb that moment of satisfying yearning,
nothing but a whirlwind called life.

Photo Credits: The African Dude
The 5 year old version of me was already amazed the first time experienced the truly blossoming beauty of cherry blossoms and even till this day, that stage of fascination hasn't stopped. It's not only their stunning soft flowers that was causing me to never lose sight of them, it was also the fact that these delicate blossoms only bloom for a short amount of time. After that, their prior beauty would visually vanish the less flowers were on the trees.
The same happens to us: we only have short amount of time to display our full beauty. And by that I don't necessarily mean the fresh young skin without wrinkles till you are 30, I mean the beauty of happiness and satisfaction in life.
The difference to cherry blossoms are, that we do not bloom according to seasons, we bloom according to the sweet moments we make by ourselves. These moments won't last forever, which is why we should not waste time to be angry about something or somebody or overthink a certain situation. Just be YOU. Create your own happiness.

That's it. Happy last day of March!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Handcraftings: DIY Bohemian Hat Decoration

Blouse  PULL&BEAR           Hat of choice  Stradivarius

I really need to go to bed earlier, but today I told myself that I am going to finish this -even if it means staying up till sunrise! I really don't like to delay stuff on my to do list, but there was other work that needed to get done during daytime. Also, if you find any wrong typos in this post- bear with me, I'm already half asleep...

Hats and bohemian fashion really got me this season and I tried to combine these two in the tutorial. Some side notes:

- If you find your decoration "wiggling" around just secure the middle parts to the hat with glue or some stitches.

- You can use any material of decoration you want, it doesn't matter if it is lace, canvas, chains or even a strip of old fabric.
Be as creative as you like to with the project! The power of freedom lies in your hands (I know, sounds cheesy, but whatever)

- The necklace I used here was kinda selfmade, I replaced the chain with the fake leather ribbon, because I preferred the look. You could totally make your very own necklace with your own coins and beads!

- Another idea for a decoration would be to braid ribbons and use those instead or with the band. My hat already had the braided fake leather, so that was already done.

I just totally forgot to mention that you need needle and thread in the instructions..sorry! But you can totally glue the ribbon as well, if that's easier. Sewing the ends together should be a piece of cake though..seriously, those are maybe three stitches by hand.

In the beginning I thought about making a video tutorial, but seriously, this is so easy to make, I don't think it would fill a video..

But if you want to see some more Handcraftings , for example on the necklace or just a more detailed version let me know, I will work on it !

Hope you enjoyed it and it inspored you a little bit to get crafty ! And please send me your projects if you recreate this.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Styling stories: Flowers and lights

When the days are cold,
a stern fist of ice seems to get a hold around her heart.
Her loneliness and her weaknesses are a burden,
it clenches her mind so hard that there's no room left for anything else.
She is a prisoner inside her own prison, built of her own voice and on bittercold days she seems too weak and the weight too heavy to fight.

But she is a child of the light, of the sun,
streaks of light illuminate her vision,
suddenly flood the room and warm her from inside.
It's too cold for the flowers to bloom - she thinks.
But really, it won't be like this for too long.
Her energy reawakens with every moment, the light touches her.
Soon the flowers will bloom - she knows.

Indian Summer Embroidered Sweater - Asos        Maxi Skirt - Brandy Melville      Hat - Market

Yet another styling story.. I really enjoy the process of writing these. With this one I wanted to express my feelings about past winter, I'm so looking forward for days filled with more sunlight!
Maxi skirts are great, even when it's not warm outside. And as a hater of pants (my favourite one just passed away), these win in comfort billion times!
I like, how the industrial feeling of the heaters, the little cracks in the wall display the coldness in the mind, something old, rusty, but still ongoing.

Everytime my insercurities are almost getting ahead of me, I try to think "outside the box". The doubts of the moment are often only little tiny stones on a long journey. Insignificant. But when you spend too much time on doing something - you think too much about it. That's what sometimes drives me crazy, but when I rethink about it some months later, all I can do is laugh about it. Good times will come. YOU will bloom.

How do you shake off your winter blues?

Have a lovely rest of the week!


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Musings for the wandering

Her heart is aching and her mind is fleeting,
what she needs in that moment are only her senses.
She finds peace when she sees the wide field of golden treasure,
it's like flying, when she runs through the high haulms.

It's almost as if reality escapes, but only almost.
With her feet on the solid earth, she smells the fresh watery air,
eyes closed she can hear the shuddering of the waves,
while the crops tickle her fingers as she runs them over the delicate plants.

The feeling of freedom runs through her and she reaches out her hands,
puts her head back, facing the cloudy sky and smiles
and she has everything she needs in that moment,
so happy that she could cry with absolutely nothing disturbing this beauty of natural silence.

 Poncho - Stitch & Pieces  Leggings - Asos   Boots - Coolway   Scarf- Esprit   Hat -Market

Rain, rain, rain, rain aaaand...... RAIN!! It's been like this all week and I yearning for every single little sunray that peeks through the cloudiness over the city and brings a streak of light. Nevertheless, shooting outside with that weather had its benefits as well and running through the cornfield while little waterdrops cool the skin is suddenly not that bad. I discovered that ponchos and capes are still pretty waring despite their airiness. And a good shield for 30 seconds from the rain.
The little story above was a little expression of the feeling to be lost but secure at the same time. Nature has so much to offer for us.

How was your weekend?

Happy Sunday! xx

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Monthly breather: Feburary

Starting with this monthly breather post, I want to take this moment and let the past month replay once again in my head. The purpose of this "series" or how one might call it is to appreciate the good, become more mindful and open towards everything that happens, no matter how painful or beautiful the memory was. We'll see how this goes.
Maybe it may inspire you to let the past month sink in and think about it's significance. Just making you rethink alone means I've accomplished something.

I've always ditched those beauty favourites on Youtube, it was always boring for me to see the same products of this face wash or that hand lotion.. but I find the idea of going through the actual highs and lows of emotions rather interesting.

The good times: So, of course with Chinese New Years I was pretty pumped at the beginning of the month. It was a special experience for me to actually celebrate New Years with all of my family, as living so far away on another continent makes it hard to even see each other once a year. On top of that I was able to reconnect with my beloved cousin on a little trip to Gulangyu Island and I'm so thankful that the two of us now share this sisterly experience and enjoy each others silliness.

On the last day we went on the highest peak of the island, where you could actually see Taiwan and it started to rain heavily really surprisingly. If the sky is crying when it rains, the sky had to be heartbroken that day. Good luck we didn't bring an umbrella and there was nowhere to hide from the raindrops (more like a waterfall), so we just stayed by ourselves under the wide heavy  sky and got soaked, while all the other people decided to leave the rock as quickly as they could.
 As soon as I got home, I got sick. BUT I won't forget that experience haha.I guess that's something I really appreciate about family, no matter how much time passed, you'll always reconnect.

 Hardest times: Ironically, the hardest time was also the most relieving one: saying goodbye to my friends and family again. Hard, because I had no idea what will expect me when I return, the thought of Uni and missing everything haunted me, good times coming to an end and a farewells where I don't know when the next "Hey, so good to see you again" will be. Relieving because I added so many precious memories to my suitcase that will nourish me in the upcoming season. And because I'm getting back to the place I can truly call my own home.

Rant: On my flight back to Europe an older white couple called me out for being one of those many silly Asians, only based on my looks and the fact that I was standing up to put my backpack in the luggage cabin.  So I told them in their language that they are keeping the people in the plane from sleeping. Some people are really just too full of themselves.

Inspirations: - The 1975, I somehow always got back to their music, I really liked "The Sound" this month.
- Meeting many different people, each one with their own uniqueness
- Being surprised by the love that my family brings towards me when unexpected
- Nature and it's beauty, especially on the island. It was a pleasure to capture so many stunning florals and greens.

All in all it turned out to be quite a good month, better than expected. Now I'm curious what the upcoming time has to offer for me. Also, I do have some more spicy content on this space planned to come.

So, taking this breather, how did Feburary pass for you?

Love, xx