Tuesday, February 16, 2016

HAPPY (LATE) CHINESE NEW YEAR // Approaching Spring

It's about time to get out of winter sleeping mode.

With nature starting to awaken, we can take the uplifting energy coming  from the increasing sunlight and press the inner refresh button because spring cleanout is coming up. Not just cleaning your place and stuff.. This winter season I found my mood really shifting along with the weather changes, which resulted in highs on more tame, sunny weather days, but on depressive lows when the sky was grey for too long and there was absolutelety nothing than the routine of the day to be accomplished. Especially since Northern China tends to have days of really dense fog and mist due to pollution, these grey days seemed endless.

It's really easy to fall into a routine, but I realized that the act of breaking out of it can be one of the most relivieng, rewarding feelings. I doesn't matter how big of a change this act might be, it counts. It's still significant, in the simplest of acts. Going to sleep that one hour earlier still leaves me feeling less groggy and more motivated in the morning. There's a reason why people are more motivated to work out when they buy new workout clothes.

 Because of the change we find more confidence.

Why giving up the yearn for change just because it takes more effort? Effort builds up. Effort results in improvement. That needs to happen whenever learning something new. Sure, that learning period will develop a new routine, but it's different than an endless period of doing the same thing while knowing that there's no way of improving. Dancers even improve their choreography without physically dancing. They are going through it over and over in their heads and it contributes to their performance.
Getting done with something and then being able to move on is the difference. That's spring cleanup.

Happy Chinese New Years everyone! May the year of the monkey let you experience great moments and let you gain wisdom, whether you celebrate or not ;) 
I'm grateful for the past months making me discover so many aspects of myself and  my environment and may the upcoming time welcome us all into a fresh exciting season.

Love, xx


  1. This is such a beautiful post, En Ti. Are these film photographs?

    I think you've just put into words the liberation of breaking out of a routine so wonderfully well. I hope you enjoy the upcoming new month.

    I've also followed in hopes of reading more of your reflections; it's my first time on Wondrwall and I think I'm already falling in love. Cheers. x


  2. Wow, thank you so much May! Your blog is amazing and coming from you, your comment literally just made my day!

    No, those aren't film photographs, I was playing around with a fixed prime lens.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'd love to hear more from you!
    Have a nice day! x