Monday, December 7, 2015

PHOTO DIARY: Autumn Recap

Momente sind wie Träume
verfliegen in einem Augenblick
leicht zu vergessen
unmöglich für immer festzuhalten. 


It's been awhile, I must say that my mind was occupied with stress and chaos throughout the last month(s) and during all of that I found less and less time to do things I actually enjoy. This also led to me not really doing much on this space, but it is still my goal to take care of this little project of a blog.
 Nevertheless, I did carry my camera with me when I could and here's a little insight on how autumn passed and I seriously miss the colours of nature so much. When I look back at the sight on top of the mountains or just the vibrance of the autumn leaves, I wish that time wouldn't pass so quickly.

Winter is pretty dull at the moment and taking a toll on my current mood and mind. You could say I got hit by the winter blues like a train.

Therefore, let's just snuggle into our sheets and sip on a cup of tea! Wish you a great week! x


  1. Love that photo of people sitting on pavement. I, too, wish time would slow just a little.

    1. Thank you! Yes, time's been really rushing,I can't take the speed with which Christmas is coming.