Monday, September 28, 2015

The difficulty of simplicity

First post in almost a, time has just rushed by the last 3 weeks and I must say that it's been sometimes stressful, but overall a blast. Even though fall is coming up, it is still pretty warm here, so I still get to wear out a lighter gear and recently I've been enjoying simple outfits the most, also since I didn't get to bring that much stuff with me hehe. The off the shoulder trend also reached out to me, even though a bit late, but the effortless boho vibe just screams comfiness, which is always the best option ;)
Jewellry - Market

Top - Stradivarius

Mom Jeans - Thrifted

  I was so nervous about moving and getting used to a completely new surrounding, but it's surprising how simple things like the daily blabbering with family, friends, smiles and laughs can help one to calm down and look forward to the unexpected things that still come. I want to take this chance to express myself more and just be true with myself when I get out there.

Sometimes it's hard to just focus on one thing and appreciate the simplicity of that way of working, this becomes apparent as soon as I came to this rushing city with twice as much people at one place than before. To appreciate the small things that might go by unnoticed throughout the day is the key, even if it's just the warm smile of the old lady when you offer her your seat. This is a part of just keeping the eyes open. So what give you energy throughout the day?

Have a great week! Kisses, Enti


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks boho is comfy. Something about those flowy fabrics drifting in and out. It may sound silly, but I do find clothes allow breathing room give me energy. Maybe I just breathe better and fuller in them, but I never wear anything tight anymore for that reason.

    1. Totally agree! Being comfortable is the key to feel good. x