Sunday, August 9, 2015

Keep your head up

 So, weekend was kind of chaotic and stressful with planning for what's to come. My family decided to go on a hike all together with some friends and the day ended up being not so bad at all. That moment when everyone arrived at the top, all the strains of climbing the the way up vanished with the overwhelming of the cinematic landscape...pretty cool ;)
Why is it, that even the most beautiful moments are overcast by the slightest shadows? We often fear the unexpected, the unplanned moments that might not meet one's expectations. Even the highest highs of memories fade away and what is left behind is only regret. That thought just crossed my mind, when I looked through some old pictures that were taken at moments, where I didn't feel my big smile on my photo-self.

Many times we give in too much and dwell in the negative feelings and even forget the good times we had besides that one bad moment. In the end, every bad experience teaches us something and makes us the persons we are today. We should perish and keep the precious moments of satisfaction that we were able to experience. Here's to all the memories that make us us.

Have a great start in the new week! Kisses, Enti

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