Friday, August 21, 2015

About blooming days

Nature has so many surprises for us. The other day I went with some friends to the botanic garden and we could not decide where to look at next because the beauty of all those flowers took us in. It's a great place to escape from the rushing city vibes a bit and just breath in the scents of the living plants. 
Each flower needs its own care and I can only imagine how much effort it takes to keep this garden as magical as it is. But still, in the end all the hard work results in the most fascinating beauties.

It's just one more week in my hometown for the year and the excitement rises with every day. I discover new spots and places here that I somehow missed the last 18 years, although I knew they existed. As soon as you open up, you may attract some new beautiful things. This only makes me appreciate the last days even more.

Wish you a great weekend! Kisses, Enti