Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer haziness

With the summer haziness comes amazingness. I love how we can wake up to a new day and nature rewards the senses with the most intensive colours. Lately I'm really into artistic patterns & prints and dresses, because it reminds me so much of the summer spirit. The other day I just took my dad's good old bike (yes I enjoy riding a men's bike- the comfiest seat!!) and while I took some pictures because of the lovely lighting, a stranger walked up to me and was raving about how happy he was to see people enjoying his favourite task of photographing. It was so nice to see his passion his eyes while we talked for a bit.

dress by forever21       hat by Stradivarius

So it is about 2:30 am now and I should be sleeping like people usually do this time, but I really want to get this out for myself. I want this blog to go in a direction of myself enjoying to post things. I want to take this more seriously and this blog will also be about fashion or just stuff I enjoy seeing, because I do think that this is a part of the art of expressing oneself.
The last months were just flying by because so much happened and so many changes have yet to come I'm curious about. However, I set myself the goal with summer coming to open up and just to get a bit closer to the person I want to be. Summer is still not over and whatever the other half of the year might bring still lies in the stars where I will lay my eyes on.

Wish you an amazing sunny weekend!xo Enti

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