Thursday, July 30, 2015

Coming from a restlessness

It seems as if summer decides to show its stormy spirits. Pouring rain brings freshness to the days, (but also a cold to me at the end of July!). However, I'm excited for weekend to come, it is so weird that weekend actually feels like weekend again ever since I do not have to go to school anymore, oh man.. sometimes if I'm not working, I get into this mood of restlessness, I want to actually do, create something. When the senses are overwhelmed, it is hard to focus on one particular thing, this also goes for life, no one is able to get 100 to do lists done in a blink of an eye, although we often wish to achieve as much as we can.

We create our own drops of happiness, but once in a while need a reminder to not rush everything too much, but rather take one goal at a time. The path towards our dreams is what makes it desirable and rewarding.

Wish you lots of sunshine! Kisses, Enti


  1. I quite love the rain, especially the way you captured it in your images. So absolutely lovely.