Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Morning blues

When you were busy the days before and suddenly have a day off..the morning after feels so knocked out of the routine.Top it off with some warm granola, oatmeal and tea and the room just breaths chill vibes. It's nice to indulge into the coziness of the warm bed just for a little longer than forever and reflect on the dreams of the previous night or even of future dreams... And to hope that the dreamcatcher was successful in sorting out the bad visions ;)

Anyways, school is almost over and the last moments are just tickling away, though my mind seems too busy to realize that. When we do the same things everyday, the confrontation with the future is the first thing in years that we have to deal with independently and although the thought about it is scary, it is also exciting at the same time as a new chapter will open soon.

Have a nice morning & rest of the week! xo

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sleep. It's a golden dream of mine

Little breather after exams ☾

With a cup of steaming tea, the world becomes a more cozy place for a while.  Lately I feel like time passes by super quickly and I want to fit in as many moments in my days as possible. Maybe it is just the uncertainty of the future that blocks my actions and creates fear. But then I realize that nothing becomes better by having these thoughts and all that is left is to move on.

Knit Sweater - Ichi         Rings-H&M           Necklaces - Asos

Have a nice week y'all!