Wednesday, December 30, 2015


If you are depressed,
you are living in the past.
If you are anxious,
you are living in the future.
If you are at peace,
you are living in the present. - Lao Tzu

This is the time of the year where everyone takes some time to reflect on the past year, making lists of new year's resolutions that mostly will end up undone anyways. At the moment I'm insecure in all ways possible about my determination, my ways, where I am going.
2015 - I love and hate you at the same time. You made me cry and be at the lowest I've ever been, but also had your sweet times . Thanks for everything, but you can go now.

Have a nice New Years Eve ! x 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

OUTFIT: Sweater Weather

knit sweater: the ragged priest    rings and hat: market    jeans:bershka   booties:buffallo    wallet and necklace:gifted

Really, winter sucks this year. Being outside in the cold has become something that deters me to leave my bed every morning for class. The thought of just throwing over the sheets and escape into the cozy warmness again is something I resist everyday, though I think I'm not alone with that feeling.
Anyways, I love knit fashion though and the snuggly comfort it comes with, especially oversized sweaters.

Monday, December 7, 2015

PHOTO DIARY: Autumn Recap

Momente sind wie Träume
verfliegen in einem Augenblick
leicht zu vergessen
unmöglich für immer festzuhalten. 


It's been awhile, I must say that my mind was occupied with stress and chaos throughout the last month(s) and during all of that I found less and less time to do things I actually enjoy. This also led to me not really doing much on this space, but it is still my goal to take care of this little project of a blog.
 Nevertheless, I did carry my camera with me when I could and here's a little insight on how autumn passed and I seriously miss the colours of nature so much. When I look back at the sight on top of the mountains or just the vibrance of the autumn leaves, I wish that time wouldn't pass so quickly.

Winter is pretty dull at the moment and taking a toll on my current mood and mind. You could say I got hit by the winter blues like a train.

Therefore, let's just snuggle into our sheets and sip on a cup of tea! Wish you a great week! x

Monday, September 28, 2015

The difficulty of simplicity

First post in almost a, time has just rushed by the last 3 weeks and I must say that it's been sometimes stressful, but overall a blast. Even though fall is coming up, it is still pretty warm here, so I still get to wear out a lighter gear and recently I've been enjoying simple outfits the most, also since I didn't get to bring that much stuff with me hehe. The off the shoulder trend also reached out to me, even though a bit late, but the effortless boho vibe just screams comfiness, which is always the best option ;)
Jewellry - Market

Top - Stradivarius

Mom Jeans - Thrifted

  I was so nervous about moving and getting used to a completely new surrounding, but it's surprising how simple things like the daily blabbering with family, friends, smiles and laughs can help one to calm down and look forward to the unexpected things that still come. I want to take this chance to express myself more and just be true with myself when I get out there.

Sometimes it's hard to just focus on one thing and appreciate the simplicity of that way of working, this becomes apparent as soon as I came to this rushing city with twice as much people at one place than before. To appreciate the small things that might go by unnoticed throughout the day is the key, even if it's just the warm smile of the old lady when you offer her your seat. This is a part of just keeping the eyes open. So what give you energy throughout the day?

Have a great week! Kisses, Enti

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dream catch me

Are you living your dreams right now? If the answer is "yes", then congrats to you! I wish to be at the same point one day. But if the answer is "no", it's time to ask why. What we achieve depends solely on how much we put into it, but so many other factors kick us from our ways and suddenly, plans depend on so much more than on one's motivation. Peers, family, society, even strangers somehow have an opinion they want to apply to you. In these moments, I feel rejected, because my goals do not seem to be as desirable as I thought of them. But just because your images don't match with those around you, doesn't mean, you are not allowed to live them. Actually, just do your own thing! You should be the happy one and this is where you work towards. 

  I'm leaving in two days and I'm hoping to be able to continue my very own journey, so that I can grow towards my dreams. While doing all the packing, I get somewhat nostalgic feelings for the simplest daily moments, which I will miss, but make me happy somehow. The way, the sunset brings warm vibes to my desk, above which the dreamcatcher seems to be doing its job (hopefully well!). What makes you happy?

Wish you a great week! Kisses, Enti

Friday, August 21, 2015

About blooming days

Nature has so many surprises for us. The other day I went with some friends to the botanic garden and we could not decide where to look at next because the beauty of all those flowers took us in. It's a great place to escape from the rushing city vibes a bit and just breath in the scents of the living plants. 
Each flower needs its own care and I can only imagine how much effort it takes to keep this garden as magical as it is. But still, in the end all the hard work results in the most fascinating beauties.

It's just one more week in my hometown for the year and the excitement rises with every day. I discover new spots and places here that I somehow missed the last 18 years, although I knew they existed. As soon as you open up, you may attract some new beautiful things. This only makes me appreciate the last days even more.

Wish you a great weekend! Kisses, Enti

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunset moments

Right now, it is pouring outside, the air got super cold and I'm a bit sick again, there are so many weather shifts this season. The last days mainly consisted of cruising through the city with friends and preparing some (christmas) presents already, since I will not be at my hometown for the rest of the year in less than two weeks anymore (I'm usually not the type to plan christmas presents 4 months ahead :p ).

The thought of being away from the usual everyday place seems unreal at the moment, but I know that the time until I will get on the plane will just fly by. This makes me want to dwell in the precious moments of now even more.
Tribal print joggers by Pull&Bear
I adore the warm evening sunsets, these are the key minutes that round up summer for me. Just the way how peaceful the light peaks through every little space between the leaves and turns everything it touches into gold. And the way the light air hugs your skin in little breezes just sends little shivers of fulfillment in that particular moment.
Lace crochet top by Topshop

Sandals by Coolway

Have a great start into the new week! Kisses, Enti

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer mood

Yesterday, the new school year officially started again.. and it feels so weird to not be one of the many students, facing the masses of other people in the all busy morning train. To not go back to an old habitual routine of pressing the snooze button too often and run to the smiling faces of friends everyday. This kind of marks the real new beginning for me and I'm more than excited, but anxious to go my own direction.
Hope creates motivation and motivation will drive me closer towards my dreams. As long as I do not forget what forms me, my mind and spirit, I can hope.

 Dress by New Look

               Hat by Stradivarius
 Left ring from market, right by Brandy Melville

Fringe leather bag by Forever21

 So, today was one of the hottest summer days this year and I can only imagine how it would be to sit in the heated classrooms with about 30 other people. I must say, that I am a bit nostalgic about my school days (eventhough I'm happy to survived it!). At the moment I am trying to spend as much time as possible with my friends before everyone dives into their new lifes and surroundings, including me.

Send you all the sunniest of lights! Kisses, Enti

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Keep your head up

 So, weekend was kind of chaotic and stressful with planning for what's to come. My family decided to go on a hike all together with some friends and the day ended up being not so bad at all. That moment when everyone arrived at the top, all the strains of climbing the the way up vanished with the overwhelming of the cinematic landscape...pretty cool ;)
Why is it, that even the most beautiful moments are overcast by the slightest shadows? We often fear the unexpected, the unplanned moments that might not meet one's expectations. Even the highest highs of memories fade away and what is left behind is only regret. That thought just crossed my mind, when I looked through some old pictures that were taken at moments, where I didn't feel my big smile on my photo-self.

Many times we give in too much and dwell in the negative feelings and even forget the good times we had besides that one bad moment. In the end, every bad experience teaches us something and makes us the persons we are today. We should perish and keep the precious moments of satisfaction that we were able to experience. Here's to all the memories that make us us.

Have a great start in the new week! Kisses, Enti

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Walking in the sun fields

  Lost in the cornfields, which almost seem golden with the kisses of sunlight. I love the peaceful vibe of this place, every plant has its own space, but altogether form this scene of calmness. We should embrace our own little spaces. Each day, new wishes motivate us to stay on our tracks. Sometimes we may get lost. Sometimes, we hit a dead end. Sometimes we don't even really know our own destination. But every step, every path has a reason behind it, we are the ones that make something out of it, we are blessed with the power to do so. It's okay to dream and to wish!

Dress by Free People    Sandals by Coolway

So, let's jump into the new week with our eyes laid towards our dreams and enjoy the rest of this cozy sunday! Kisses, Enti